weekend musings

So I haven’t posted over this weekend because I’ve been rather busy, but man oh man, what a weekend it has been. Starting with Friday night, Angels decided not to pitch to David Ortiz in the 9th inning (and rightfully so, because he’s Mr. Postseason), and the next batter – Manny Ramirez – made them pay with a monster walk off homer. Boston then took a commanding two games to none lead; they would come in to Anaheim on Sunday and complete the three game sweep. I wanted to see the Angels win at least one game against the Red Sox, but alas, the Red Sox team has big bats.

Also, shame on the Cubs. And shame for ESPN writers for thinking that this was their year to win not only the NLCS, but the World Series. You can’t possibly be more wrong when the Cubs can’t even win one game against a younger, less experienced ball club. For the 100th year in a row the Cubs nation unites (read: reels) in proclaiming: “There’s always next year.”

The most surprising story from the weekend had to be George Steinbrenner publicly announcing that if the Yankees do not win the ALDS, Joe Torre would not be back to manage the Yankees for the 2008 season. He’s been known to stamp his foot down before, notably earlier this season when the Yankees were in last place in the AL East. However, this declaration might have been an act to divert attention away from Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and the rest of the Bombers. And whatever the Boss’s intention was – it worked for game three, as the Yanks came out swinging. Johnny Damon hit a monster three run shot, and the Yanks overcame a three run deficit to take game three. Funny signs held up by fans were: “Buzz Off Cleveland,” “I don’t hear the fat lady singing just yet,” “The only thing more distracting than the bugs is Craig Sager’s suit.” If you tuned in to TBS recently, you would have noticed that the intrepid field reporter for TBS wears the most outlandish suits and ties. I don’t really like the guy, and I have a message for him: “Stick to the NBA, man.”


~ by mlb2007playoffs on October 8, 2007.

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