Yankees go down, future uncertain

Yesterday, the Cleveland Indians knocked off the New York Yankees. I didn’t watch the game as I was on my way from ATL to LAX, but I do have a few things to report.

First of all, the two big questions right now are: will Joe Torre be fired and will Alex Rodriguez opt out of his contract? During interviews, Arod said, “I don’t want to talk about that right now. I’m trying to digest what just happened. There will be a time and a place for that.” Personally, I think the fans of New York are fed up with him being unable to step up to the plate during the playoffs (aside: Derek Jeter, the captain of the Yankees, played extremely poorly this postseason, hitting well below the Mendoza line at 0.176). Arod should go to an NL team (but can any afford him?) where he will face less pressure.

The next question – should Joe Torre be fired? I don’t think so. I mean this guy knows how to manage a ballclub. And even though I think he made some mistakes in this series (failing to remove Chamberlain during the “invasion” game, choosing to start Chien-Ming Wang on three days rest rather than going with the veteran Mike Mussina), he is still one of the best managers in baseball. I mean, does The Boss really think he can pick someone better to replace Torre? Since 1996, Joe Torre didn’t have a season below 0.500, led his team to an average winning percentage of above 0.600, and was the critical component in his team winning six World Series titles. Granted, there has been a decline in the last four years (loss in ALCS, then three consecutive losses in ALDS), but I think we have to look at the players, not the manager. If you don’t believe in bad luck or curses, well, you best start believing. I don’t know what it is, but the Yankees have been a different team come October baseball in the last three years.

As to the final question: did the Indians deserve to win this series? Most assuredly, yes. The Indians hit 0.315 in four games. They scored 15 runs with two outs, with 13 of those runs coming with two outs andrunners in scoring position! They outplayed the Yankees in every way. I am looking forward to the ALCS between the Indians and the Red Sox.


~ by mlb2007playoffs on October 10, 2007.

One Response to “Yankees go down, future uncertain”

  1. I hate the Yankees, but I’d like to see Joe Torre stay. He’s the face of the franchise! When you think of Joe Torre – you think the Yankees! Stupid George

    it’s really hard to choose a team to root for…
    Indians? Red Sox?
    Rockies? DBacks?

    The Red Sox won it all in 2004, and the DBacks in 2001.
    So maybe I’ll root for the Indians and the Rockies…

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