Rockies win Game 1 of NLCS, momentum continues

Last night’s Game 1 of the NLCS was pretty exciting. That is, if you’re a Rockies fan. The Rockies came in and got the job done in the desert. The Rockies have now won eighteen out of their last nineteen games, a streak which hasn’t occurred in the NL since the Mets got off to a torrid start in the 1986 MLB season. The one game that the Rockies lost in that span was on September 28 against Brandon Webb, who would have no similar luck in game one.

On their way to a 5-1 victory over the Diamondbacks, the Rockies ended up facing Brandon Webb 11th time over the last two seasons. In those eleven starts, he has won only two of those games. Brandon Webb is now 2-5, with a 4.50 ERA, against the Rockies. Against all other teams, he has posted a 2.83 ERA in those last two seasons.

So how are the Rockies doing it? I have no answer for you, and Todd Helton insists that “We don’t have any secret.” You might want to ask Brad Hawpe, who has gone 11 for 17 (.647) against Webb this year, with 13 RBIs. Nobody else in MLB had that many hits against Webb this season. Even more impressive is the fact that no other player had more than four RBIs against Webb. So either the Rockies have figured out Brandon Webb, or something mysterious is going on here…

Thursday’s game took a turn for the worst when in the bottom of the seventh inning Justin Upton’s takeout slide of Kazuo Matsui resulted in an interference call by umpire Larry Vanover. The result was a double play and an uproar by the angry Diamondback fans, who started throwing trash, water bottles, and other debris on the field. There was an eight minute delay, during which Clint Hurdle had to call his team toward the dugout because he feared for their safety. It was a bad display of sportsmanship by the fans. After the game, there was talk of rivalry between these two teams. “Seems a lot of people are talking about us developing [a rivalry],” Colorado manager Clint Hurdle had said before Game 1. “I’ve heard players asked about that. I think we’re mindful of it. I think competitive rivalry is good.”

Up next is Game 2, in which Doug Davis takes the mound for Arizona and Ubaldo Jimenez starts for Colorado. Can the Rockies keep winning? We’ll find out soon enough!


~ by mlb2007playoffs on October 12, 2007.

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