ALCS headed back to Fenway

Last night, Josh Beckett was spectacular in leading his team to a 7-1 victory against the Indians. The series is now headed back to Boston, where the Red Sox look to come back from a 3-2 deficit to win the series and head to the World Series against the Colorado Rockies.

C.C. Sabathia, who started for the Indians, was handed his second loss of the ALCS. He pitched well, it’s just that Beckett was that much better.  Beckett pitched eight innings of five-hit ball with 11 strikeouts. By comparison, Sabathia gave up 4 ER and 10 hits (the most hits he has allowed since he gave up 11 hits on July 14) .

The game featured another “Manny moment,” when in the bottom of the third inning Manny Ramirez hit what is possibly the longest single in the history of baseball. The ball bounced off the top of the yellow line in deep right center, and the umpires ruled it within park boundaries.  Manny being Manny thought it was a home run, and trotted to first base, lodging a complaint (reinforced by Francona) that it was a home run. On this play, David Ortiz scored a run from first base, giving the Red Sox a 2-1 lead. Just to be clear: we have David Ortiz, one of the slowest runners in baseball, getting through three bases with Manny only able to reach first? Well, that’s more Manny being Manny.

Game 6 is on Saturday at 8 PM ET.


~ by mlb2007playoffs on October 19, 2007.

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