Buy Rockies World Series Tickets – if you can

The Rockies organization decided a few days ago that selling World Series tickets via the internet would be the most viable option to target a large fan base. The ticketing system went live on Monday at about 11AM. And then it went dead shortly thereafter.

The Rockies organization released a press statement earlier in the evening, claiming that their computer system for online-only World Series ticket sales was the target of an “external malicious attack.”

After the system went live in the morning, it saw an astounding 8.5 million hits within the first ninety minutes (by comparison, this site has seen about 400 hits in its two week existence). Due to excessive demand, very few (about 500) tickets were sold via the online system.

Later in the evening, the Colorado Rockies decided that the three games to be played at Coors Field in Denver will AGAIN be put on sale online.  If you are looking for a ticket to the World Series (they start at 65$ at Coors Field; good luck trying to land a ticket at Fenway – they are virtually impossible to attain at face value), this is your chance. Buy your tickets at

And a whimsical story about one fan who got screwed by the system:

On Monday, about 20 people lined up in near-freezing temperatures outside the Denver Public Library before it opened in hopes of using public-access computers to score tickets. Clayton McLeod, a 26-year-old heavy-machine operator, took the day off to try to get the coveted tickets. His primary motive in going to the library was because he was worried that his cable connection in his home would be too slow. Of course he didn’t get through the system.

He did get a ticket, however. A parking ticket.


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