Two Joes, One Goal (?)

As you might have already learned, Joe Torre accepted a managerial position with the Los Angeles Dodgers on November 1.  Torre signed a three year contract for $13 million. This number reflect a lower per-year salary than the one year offer Torre received from the Yankees, but let’s be clear: this is a three year contract, and there weren’t insulting terms. The Dodgers have no illusions of grandeur. This is a team that finished fourth in the NL West in 2007. And even though their attendance figures were 3.8 million in the past year (trailing only the New York Yankees), the fan base seems a bit lethargic. Adande, for ESPN, writes that “Joe Torre’s departure from the Yankees was a much bigger story than his arrival with the Dodgers.” See the complete story here.
Idealistically speaking, the goal of each major league team is to win the World Series. Realistically, Joe Torre would do a great job with the Dodgers if he can even guide them to the playoffs. On the other hand, the Yankees organization has a *realistic* goal of winning the World Series every year. And now that they have hired Joe Girardi as their manager, they look to realize this goal for the first time since 2000. 


~ by mlb2007playoffs on November 2, 2007.

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