Lowell Re-signs with the Red Sox

Mike Lowell and the Boston Red Sox agreed to a three-year, $37.5 million deal on Monday.

The Red Sox and Lowell have been in intense negotiations for some time now. Lowell had offers from both the Philadelphia Phillies and the Los Angeles Dodgers; both of these teams offered him a four year deal.

Lowell is choosing to stay in Boston, much to Curt Schilling’s (and the rest of the Sox team, i am sure) pleasure. After the initiations with the Yankees broke through, Lowell had to pick among the Phillies, the Dodgers, and the Red Sox.

The Phillies communicated with Lowell about a four-year, $50 million deal. After Lowell spoke with general manager Pat Gillick, assistant GM Ruben Amaro and manager Charlie Manuel, there was a period of about an hour or so where it looked like Lowell was going to sign with the Phillies. The offer would have been formalized if Lowell had agreed to the deal.

Gillick last week flatly denied any interest in Lowell and had indicated that they were going to spend the Phillies’ available money on pitching.

In the the three weeks since winning the World Series, the Red Sox have now re-signed both Lowell and Schilling, as well as picked up options on Tim Wakefield and Julian Tavarez.

Curt Schilling was really pleased. In his blog, he writes: “How cool is that? Leaving years and dollars on the table to come back here for three more years, good stuff. Pretty nice to think you are fans in a town that is now a desired destination for athletes across the major sports. Come a long way for sure. Congrats to Mike and I’ve already spoken with a few guys on the team and suffice to say we’re all ectstatic. Now to get back to the FF beatings he’s been taking all year!”

This is a great offer by the Red Sox to a great player. In 2007, Lowell had a career high batting average of 0.324 and a career high in RBIs (120). Lowell was also spectacular during the offseason and especially during the World Series, where he batted 0.400 with four RBIs, and had a team-high six runs. Lowell was, of course, named the World Series MVP.

With this offer, Lowell’s salary increased dramatically; last year Lowell made $9 million.

Looks like Manny’s wishes came true as well. During the Red Sox parade in Boston, Manny cheered, “Forget about A-Rod. We’ve got Mike Lowell in da house!!!”


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