Boston’s Six-Man Rotation to Hurt Beckett

The Boston Red Sox have been in internal discussion about utilizing a six-man rotation in the 2008 season. The rotation would consist of Curt Schilling, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Tim Wakefield, Jon Lester and/or Clay Buchholz (if the Red Sox acquire Santana, it will be an “or”; if not, it will be an “and”), and Josh Beckett.

But the Boston Globe has reported today that this potential six-man rotation will hurt Josh Beckett.

The front runner in making this declaration was pitching coach John Farrell, who brought up Josh Beckett.

Said Farell, “I think you can look at it with the benefit obviously being the added rest…Where the concerns start to come in [are] when you’ve got a young, healthy pitcher that has been accustomed to a five-day rotation where he feels most sharp. I think where you get past the five days of rest, you begin to take away some of the command and the sharpness that a pitcher can have. For instance, last year there were times throwing in the outfield with Josh Beckett his body was responding and telling him, ‘I feel like I’m ready to go.’ When you get into that sixth and seventh day, it can take away from the touch and the feel, particularly with the secondary pitches.”


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