New York Mets Will Not Relinquish Jose Reyes

By now, we know that the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are interested in Johan Santana, but it turns out that the New York Mets are also interested in Santana. Just not interested enough to trade their star shortstop, Jose Reyes.

General Manager of the Mets, Omar Minaya, said, “Jose Reyes is one of our core players…I don’t see us trading Jose Reyes for one of those guys being mentioned. It just doesn’t make sense for us.”

The Mets think they might have a package of prospects that could bring back a top starting pitcher (the Mets are desperately seeking starting pitching help), but Minnesota may want the 24-year-old Reyes included in any potential deal for Santana.

“All those guys that are being mentioned in the market, as far as trade market, we’ve been in contact with these guys, on a regular basis,” Minaya said. “No club has told us, hey, forget it, you’re not in. Now maybe they have told us, hey, for you to be in, you have to have this player. And we can say, hey, well thank you very much, but we’re not going to be in with this player’s name in it.”

A two-time All-Star, Reyes batted 0.280 with 12 homers, 57 RBIs, and 119 runs in the 2007 MLB season. He also led the majors with 78 stolen bases.

Just for clarification: Minaya has declared that RHP Orlando Hernandez will be a starter next season for the Mets. Also, the RHP Jorge Sosa is slated to start work out of the bullpen. Finally, Minaya also mentioned that reliever Duaner Sanchez, recovering from a right shoulder injury, is throwing well in Florida and his velocity is up to 88-90 mph.


~ by mlb2007playoffs on November 29, 2007.

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