State of this Blog: 100th Post

This is a special post because it is the 100th entry on this blog. Originally, my intention was to profile the 2007 MLB playoffs, but as you might have noticed, I have been blogging about the 2007-2008 MLB offseason as well.

In order to commemorate this special event, I am going to list my top ten (both my favourite and the visiters’ favourite) posts, in the order in which they have appeared on this blog:

  1. The Invasion – the New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians game in which Joba Chamberlain of the Yankees was infiltrated by hundreds of insects.
  2. Live Blogging of ALCS Game 3 – this was one of the two live blogs that I did. It is very long, but it pretty much follows ALCS Game 3 on a play-by-play basis. Read the post for some ridiculous things that FOX announcers said during the game.
  3. Manny Being Manny – a short post on why Manny continues being Manny.
  4. Live Blogging of ALCS Game 7 – the second game which I live-blogged. It’s long, but there are a few quotable gems in there.
  5. Vegas Odds for World Series – this is, to date, my most popular entry. Right before and around the World Series this entry received the most hits, and continued to get daily hits well into November. The post’s popularity has since waned, but during one day in October, it received about 150 hits in a single day. If you do a google search relevant to this post, you’ll see this blog entry come up on the front page.
  6. Buy Rockies World Series Tickets If You Can – another interesting post about the fiasco that the Colorado Rockies were having with regard to their ticket sales on their website. Read the short post, and you’ll even find a joke at the end of it.
  7. A-Rod, A-Hole – my sardonic entry about Alex Rodriguez and his agent, Scott Boras, stealing the limelight away from World Series Game 4 with their announcement that A-Rod is opting out of his contract.
  8. Photoshopping the Red Sox! – celebrating the Red Sox World Series Championship through the use of Photoshop.
  9. Bonds Indicted, or How Flax Seed Oil Doesn’t Fly – do I think Barry Bonds is guilty of knowingly taking steroids and lying to federal prosecutors? Certainly so. But if you still have doubts, read the entry.
  10. The Mike Hampton Hangover – my less than optimistic analysis of Mike Hampton’s latest injury and his ability to pitch for the Braves in the 2008 season.

To date, this blog has received well over 2,000 unique page views. If I am understanding wordpress stats, these are individual page views (i.e. the total views when the user lands on a particular page, such as this one or this one or this one). In other words, the homepage views of are much greater than 2,000.

I am still going to blog about offseason transactions occurring in baseball, although I think the frequency of my posts will decrease. Thanks to everyone who has come back to my blog to check out the new material.


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