Andruw Jones Signs with Dodgers

This news is a bit dated, but the Los Angeles Dodgers have signed free-agent center fielder Andruw Jones in a two-year guaranteed contract worth $36.2 million. Jones’ average annual salary of $18.1 million is the highest ever awarded by the Dodgers and is fifth-highest in major league history. Only Roger Clemens (a 2007 pro-rated one year deal worth $28,000,022), Alex Rodriguez ($25.2 million), Manny Ramirez ($20 million), and Derek Jeter ($18.9 million) have been paid more per season.

The 30-year old Jones is coming off his worst season in the majors, during which he batted 0.222 (41 points below his career average). The two year deal gives Jones to re-establish his value and re-enter the free agent market at age 32.

Jones’ contract is a win for the Dodgers (it’s not really a win for Andruw Jones). Before the start of the season, Andruw Jones’ agent, Scott Boras, was seeking a contract on the order of $100 million for five years. But no team was even going to entertain such an offer after his terrible season in 2007. The Dodgers bit the bullet and signed him for just two years. If Jones does well, they can possibly offer him a contract extension. If he continues in his decline, then the Dodgers avoid a long-term loss as they have him signed for just two years.

As a result of signing Andruw, the Dodgers are expected to move weak-armed Juan Pierre to left field, leaving Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier for right field.  Jones is believed to like the idea of hitting behind the speedy Rafael Furcal and Juan Pierre, which could allow Jones to drive in more runs.

The surplus of outfielders could make either Kemp or Ethier expendable and the Dodgers are believed to have been asked for Kemp in trade discussions for several available pitchers.

Andruw Jones is a great player, especially on defense. He won his tenth consecutive Gold Glove Award in 2007. When he does well – such as hitting 25 or more home runs in 10 consecutive seasons – the team he plays for will benefit immensely. The only worry that remains is his batting average and strikeouts. But by coming to a competitive market like Los Angeles, where attendance is only second to the New York Yankees, he has an incredible opportunity to redeem himself in 2008 (and/or 2009). It will be interesting to see if and how Joe Torre will be able to get along.


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  2. am a Dodger fan living in the bay area, Giants territory. Kinda like being a Crip living in Bloods turf, well..okay..maybe not that bad ’cause it’s sorta all in good fun but how much “Dodgers Suck” can one handle in the land of the obscene embarrasing Barry Bonds addiction. I was 10 years old when the Dodgers came to L.A., was there for the Roy Campanella night at the Coliseum. Pure joy for a young man in those days. Now as to my vision for the Dodgers in 2008? I am of the school of thought that see’s the curent make-up as a positive. With Joe Torre at the helm, Don Mattingly on staff habdling batting & with his “best teammate ever” moniker via Rickey Henderson. i wholly agree that we not crate any holes by trading essential talent to fill gaps. I do see a need for a lefty pitcher for long relief spot starter, another middle reliever & maybe a little more pop perhaps on the bench. Mark Sweeney could be the bench pop and he is a solid teammate, something i think the team needs to cultivate. All that said I like our chances and barring major injury I see Kemp, Loney, Ethier & Russell as a solid crop at the pate & defense as well as some veteran play with Jones, Kent, & Nomar filling needed strength. Laroche could be a solid #rd base filing in through the year maybe taking the position as the year unfolds. So..say a prayer to the Big Dodger in the sky for my protection here in Giant turf what with folks here suffering from the Bonds hangover. Gotta feel sorry for Giant fans though, it used to be a great organization. Shed a tear for Mays & McCovey. They were the Koufax & Drysdale of SF and worthy opponents. Stay tuned….from the Bay Area…i’m out.

    LA Dodgers fan

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