The Mitchell Report – Thoughts from the Blogosphere (Part II)

It has been about 48 hours since the Mitchell Report has been released, and the ongoing fervor of blogging continues. Here are the latest blogs from around WordPress dealing with the Mitchell Report:

  1. The Mitchell Report aftermath
  2. The Mitchell Report: Misconceptions clarified
  3. The Mitchell Report, How we process information in the world of Web 2.0
  4. Relievers React to Mitchell Report
  5. The Mitchell Report… Thought For The Day, With Malice
  6. The Mitchell Blues
  7. The Mitchell Report
  8. More on the Mitchell Report
  9. Substance Abuse in Sports
  10. Roger and Barry: Poster Boys for the Steroid Era
  11. How Baseball Failed America
  12. Reading Jayson Stark-ly: Looking at Roger Clemens Through PED-Colored Glasses
  13. Some Guys Used Steroids
  14. ‘Roids, Records, and Racism…
  15. Pettitte confesses: He used HGH
  16. Steroids extends its vice-like grip
  17. STERIODS linked to top BASEBALL Professionals…sports…baseball…drugs…
  18. The Mitchell Files (The Truth is out there … somewhere)
  19. Roger Clemens should still be in the Hall of Fame
  20. Clemens’ Hall candidacy now in doubt
  21. Not the Biggest Shocker in the Worl
  22. We Talkin’ ‘Bout the Mitchell Report. . . the What
  23. The Mitchell Report: Rocket Fue
  24. (Not So) Juicy Reading: The Mitchell Repor
  25. The Mitchell Report…
  26. George Mitchell issues report on steroids in MLB
  27. Does the Mitchell Report make the Yankees dynasty a sham?
  28. What You Won’t Find On Baseball’s Mitchell Report
  29. Say It Ain’t So
  30. The Mitchell Report: Another reason to hate the Yankees
  31. MLB Steroids, The Witch Hunt Part II
  32. Mitchell Report Q & A with Seth Bondroff (Rainman)
  33. The Dark Day
  34. Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell
  35. The Purity of Baseball: Told Through Two At Bats By Benito Santiago
  36. Baseball’s Inquisition
  37. You don’t see this in golf
  38. Canseco “shocked” A-Rod not on report!
  39. McCain Critical of Baseball Players Union
  40. Mitchell Report Recap
  41. I hope everyone enjoyed their Mitchell Report Day . . .
  42. “Bitch”ell Report Reveals Mitches
  43. Some Thoughts On the Mitchell Report
  44. MLB: Give back what belongs to Maris!
  45. Baseball Cheats
  46. Mitchell Investigation Post-Mortem’s Post-Mortem
  47. Steroids in Baseball: Symptom of a Larger Problem?
  48. Vindication?
  49. Sporting World Shocked: Baseball Players Willing To Cheat In Order To Earn Ridiculous Sums of Money
  50. Baseball…sort it out !

The list now consists of fifty posts, just like Part I of the list. If you’ve written your thoughts and have been omitted, or would like to point out other interesting blogs that deal with the Mitchell Report, please leave a comment.


~ by mlb2007playoffs on December 15, 2007.

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