The Mitchell Report – Players Cited

The Mitchell Report, released earlier today, has created an intense fervor of activity in the blogosphere. As I was checking blogs today, I must have seen at least fifty posts from unique individuals dealing solely with the Mitchell Report. It’s quite fascinating. Biggest names on the list are probably Andy Pettitte, Miguel Tejada, Gary Mathews, Jr., and Roger Clemens; it remains to be seen how Bud Selig, major league baseball, and fans will react in the near future to this report. I’m going to be pretty boring and just reproduce all the players cited in the Mitchell Report. The following is taken from

According to the Mitchell Commission report, here are players mentioned and how they are linked to performance enhancing substances:

Information Learned During this Investigation Concerning BALCO and Major League Baseball (8 players/ 3 active in MLB in 2007)
From the report: “I requested interviews of all the major league players who had been publicly implicated in the BALCO case.”

    Marvin Benard
    Barry Bonds
    Bobby Estalella
    Jason Giambi
    Jeremy Giambi
    Benito Santiago
    Gary Sheffield
    Randy Velarde

Information Regarding Purchases or Use of Performance Enhancing Substances by Players in Major League Baseball (53 players/ 18 active in MLB in 2007)
From the report: “The following discussion is organized in roughly chronological order. Records do not exist to document every transaction described by witnesses. [Kirk] Radomski stated that, with one exception noted below, the payments he received from professional baseball players were for performance enhancing substances, as opposed to personal training or other services, and this assertion was confirmed by those players who agreed to speak with us about their dealings with him.”

    Lenny Dykstra
    David Segui
    Larry Bigbie
    Brian Roberts
    Jack Cust
    Tim Laker
    Josias Manzanillo
    Todd Hundley
    Mark Carreon
    Hal Morris
    Matt Franco
    Rondell White
    Roger Clemens
    Andy Pettitte
    Chuck Knoblauch
    Jason Grimsley
    Gregg Zaun
    David Justice
    F.P. Santangelo
    Glenallen Hill
    Mo Vaughn
    Denny Neagle
    Ron Villone
    Ryan Franklin
    Chris Donnels
    Todd Williams
    Phil Hiatt
    Kevin Young
    Mike Lansing
    Cody McKay
    Kent Mercker
    Adam Piatt
    Miguel Tejada
    Jason Christiansen
    Mike Stanton
    Stephen Randolph
    Jerry Hairston, Jr.
    Paul Lo Duca
    Adam Riggs
    Bart Miadich
    Fernando Vina
    Kevin Brown
    Eric Gagné
    Mike Bell
    Matt Herges
    Gary Bennett, Jr.
    Jim Parque
    Brendan Donnelly
    Chad Allen
    Jeff Williams
    Howie Clark
    Exavier “Nook” Logan

Alleged Internet Purchases of Performance Enhancing Substances By Players in Major League Baseball (16 players, 8 active in MLB in 2007)
From the report: “Since the initial news reports of the raid by New York and Florida law enforcement officials on Signature Pharmacy and several rejuvenation centers, the names of several current and former major league players have appeared in the media as alleged purchasers of performance enhancing substances through these operations. These include:”

    Rick Ankiel
    Paul Byrd
    Jay Gibbons
    Troy Glaus
    Jose Guillen
    Jerry Hairston Jr.
    Gary Matthews, Jr.
    Scott Schoeneweis
    David Bell
    Jose Canseco
    Jason Grimsley
    Darren Holmes
    John Rocker
    Ismael Valdez
    Matt Williams
    Steve Woodard

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