The Mitchell Report – Thoughts from the Blogosphere

There are now hundreds of posts relating to the Mitchell Report from around the web. Here are the top hits from around WordPress, which I’ll update as more bloggers post their thoughts:

  1. Mitchell Report – McCarthyism in baseball?
  2. The Mitchell Report Was Long Overdue
  3. Mitchell Report Reaction
  4. Initial Thoughts on the Mitchell Report
  5. Mitch Slapped
  6. Mitchell Post-Mortem
  7. MLB: Play Ball
  8. Blah blah blah steroids blah Clemens blah blah
  9. Steroid Era
  10. It’s My Fault (Kind Of)
  11. The Mitchell Report: Now What?
  12. Where Were You At 2 O’Clock On December 13, 2007?
  13. Saying It Ain’t So Won’t Make Mitchell Report Go Away
  14. The Mitchell Report
  15. Baseball Assterisks
  16. They Busted the Rocket Maaaaaaaaaan!
  17. The Mitchell Report
  18. Reading the Mitchell Report: The first 8 names
  19. Mitchell Report hits
  20. Mitchell: “Are You Sure He Said MO Vaughn?”
  21. And So It Begins
  22. Baseball Controversy… College Bound?
  23. MLB: Mitchell Report Slams All Star Players…but not the fans.
  24. The Mitchell Report
  25. Mitchell Report Released, Bob Wickman With Huge Sigh of Relief
  26. Mitchell Report Fingers Players
  27. The Mitchell Report – or, why I don’t care, I lost my faith in Baseball a long time ago
  28. Who Cares About the Mitchell Report?
  29. Steriods Mitchell report drops bombshell
  30. Baseball… busted!
  31. You Paid How Much for That?
  32. Mitchell Investigation Abbreviated List
  33. The Mitchell Report: Paul Byrd
  34. Wait, there’s a steroid problem in baseball?
  35. So what did we learn…
  36. asterisk management.
  37. MLB: The Mitchell Report
  38. A Sexy Early Christmas Present: The Mitchell Report
  39. Don’t believe the hype!
  40. Mitchell Report
  41. The Mitchell Report: Kevin Brown
  42. What the average sports fan can take away from the Mitchell Report
  43. Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Andy Pettitte Get Named in the Mitchell Report
  44. Mitchell Report: 60 million for this?
  45. The Mitchell Report: Miguel Tejada
  46. The Babe was the Best, Bar None
  47. Black Eye for baseball.
  48. The Mitchell Report on Steroids in Baseball
  49. Mitchell Report
  50. The Day Baseball Died.

And the list keeps growing by the minute!


~ by mlb2007playoffs on December 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Mitchell Report – Thoughts from the Blogosphere”

  1. Didn’t quite live up to the hype but glad Clemens was outed.

  2. What he said. There were really no surprises, but seeing Clemens plastered all over the report was awesome.

  3. Yeah…I guess it remains to be seen if Clemens’ chances of getting into the Hall of Fame will be affected.

  4. One could only hope.
    Damn, I wish Piazza would of whooped his ass in that game where he threw the bat!

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